Free Yeti Cooler with purchase of a safety cover

offer ends September 30th 2023

Free Yeti Tundra 35 Hard Cooler with purchase of a safety cover

Holds enough for a small crew for the day.
Fits in nicely on a 4-wheeler and inner tube.

Fits 39 cans or 29 lbs of ice

offer ends September 30th 2023

Do I Need a Swimming Pool Cover for My Pool?

Many homeowners ask us, “are pool covers worth it?” No matter what type of pool you have (or how often you use it), we always recommend a pool cover because of the many benefits they provide. While accidents can still happen around a pool, with proper installation and maintenance, a swimming pool protection cover can help to reduce accidents and their severity.

A pool cover also:

  • Saves $200 in water every year
  • All our safety covers come with a 25 year warranty

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A swimming pool cover protects your pool from debris but most  importantly, a swimming pool cover protects the people you care about. Keeping your costs down and your guard up, a pool cover is a smart investment that benefits your family, your community, and your budget.