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  • Drain anti-freeze from the lines
  • Vacuum debris from the spa / hot tub
  • Clean the surfaces of acrylic, cabinet, and steps
  • Clean and rejuvenate the cover
  • Treat the water with Dazzle Spa Shock and Stain & Scale
  • Check the functionality of the topside control, pumps (jets & waterfalls), spa pack, heater, and water purification systems

The maximum time onsite is 2 hours. Additional time required due to the condition of the spa / hot tub is billed in 30-minute increments at our current hourly rate.

Once you purchase your Spa service package we will be in contact with you to book your service call at a time that works for you. Please give us 48 hours to contact you for scheduling before contacting the store.

If you prefer to call the shop to make your booking please call 905-862-4040

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