Pure Wow Assure

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Dazzle Assure is the next generation of Dazzle Ultra Cleanse. Featuring a new 3-tiered strategy to make pool water management simpler, easier and friendlier; 1) more concentrated natural enzymes digest waste for an even deeper cleansing of pool water and pool surfaces, 2) stronger industry-leading, ‘all-natural’ phosphate removers for reducing and controlling phosphate contamination, and 3) powerful clarifiers to add an amazing polish to the water for that ‘Dazzling’ clarity your customers expect. All of these benefits with a lower dosage rate – 1 capful per 40,000 litres (in place of 1 capful per 30,000 litres with Ultra Cleanse). Dazzle Assure is all about assuring performance and customer satisfaction. That’s why it’s improved and why it’s part of the Dazzle PureWow system of pool care. Simple, Easy, Friendly – Dazzle Assure.

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